Surviving a Critical Incident

This is a must-attend course for anyone who owns or has access to a firearm! This course was designed to prepare the student towards surviving a shooting related incident.  The course explores physiological and psychological changes prior, during and after any critical incident as well as what’s involved in using deadly force and finally, what it means to take a human life.

  • This course addresses the missing element of all former firearms training courses – the psychological impact! I am not aware of any other course on the market today that focuses on this little-talked about dilemma and you won’t easily find someone involved in using deadly force that is willing to talk about it.
  • If you think you’re prepared to dispatch another human being’s life, think again!
  • Because we want everyone to take this course, we are offering this course at $40.00 per student.
  • The knowledge you will acquire from this course could mean the difference in not only surviving a shooting incident, but having a meaningful life beyond the incident or even surviving at all.
  • This course takes place in a classroom setting and is 3 hours long.  There are no pre-requisites.

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