Strategic Tactical

This is the most advanced program that we currently offer. The course focusses on daily life environments exploring practical options for engagement or retreat.  The course focuses on problem solving and is designed to increase your mental acuteness as well as your physical balance and dexterity. We approach this training from the standpoint of the interactions we all have daily with other persons, using fundamental biomechanical and ergonomic principals.  You will learn to consider options for cover and concealment using spatial awareness. Familiar surroundings can become confusing in an instant when a disruptive situation occurs. You must know what options are available to either engage or retreat. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced shooter, you will improve your performance by attending this course.

  • This course is conducted at the range with the incorporation of vehicles and simulation of interiors in both daylight and lowlight or darkness. If you have a firm understanding of shooting fundamentals and are ready to move to the next level, you won’t want to miss this course.
  • This course involves both daytime and nighttime practicals, and thus limited to ten students per session. 
  • The course length is a minimum of 8-10 hours and there is a pre-requisite. This course is only available to LTC individuals, active military and active law enforcement.
  • The cost to attend is 150.00 per student.
  • Each student must bring their daily use holster, primary firearm and 300 rounds of ammunition.

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