Basic Hand Gunning

This course is hands on and is a good starting point for first time and novice shooters.  This course begins in the classroom where we will familiarize the student on the various small arms available today as well as their average cost and practicality. Students will learn the basic nomenclature of a semi-auto pistol and revolver as well as how to properly clean, maintain, store and carry a weapon. Prior to beginning the 2nd module, the student will learn the principals involved in properly and safely discharging their firearm. The student will also learn range protocol including proper etiquette and commands. Each student will receive direct attention to correct errors and be given constructive criticism as needed.  Rentals are available for anyone not having their own handgun.  This course is 5 hours long and costs $50.00 per student plus 10.00 if a rental is needed.   There is no pre-requisite to attend this course.  Other materials needed are;

  • Basic cleaning materials for their weapon as appropriate.
  • A handgun at least 380/38 caliber. 
  • 50 rounds of ammo

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