Advanced Shooting

This course is conducted at the shooting range. However, prior to moving to the “firing line”, instructors will inspect for safety, all firearms to be used and refresh everyone on range protocol. You may use any legal ammunition in your weapon as long as it is safe for everyone around you and the shooting range has no objection.

  • Each trainee will shoot two different courses of fire that will test their skill.  The courses of fire will be announced at the range.
  • This course has a pre-requisite. The trainee must be able to provide proof of basic firearms skills.  This proof must be in documented form or the trainee must pass a short written exam that tests basic knowledge prior to participating in this course.
  • Each trainee should bring a minimum of 100 rounds.
  • The course length is dependent on class size. Plan on 8 hours.
  • The cost for this class is $80.00 per student.

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