Operation Survival is an affordable and comprehensive firearms and self-defense training organization serving the entire lone star state.  Our focus is on pragmatic skill development and proper reactive as well as proactive response.  These innovative methods can be employed in any crisis situation.
Our experienced and customer service oriented instructors can teach a novice gun enthusiast how to select the proper firearm and basic shooting technique as well as provide opportunities for expert shooters to hone their skill set already in place.
Whether you are only now considering getting into the exciting world of shooting as a hobby, wanting to learn how to react to an impending critical incident, or needing to fill your freezer with venison, this is your one-stop no nonsense training academy.


Courses Offered, click for more info.

Aside from the courses listed, Operation Survival can also perform an analysis of your home to determine the best firearms placement specifically created to your home environment. You should be able to retrieve your weapon at a moment’s notice should the need arise to defend yourself from intruders without sacrificing your safety and the safety of others.

Most of the courses we offer can be taught to individuals or specialty groups as private instruction. We can also design a course for you depending on your needs. If interested in any private instruction, call or write for rates.

In most of our courses, each student receives a notebook binder to keep the various handouts given in our classes.  Once the student completes all of the courses we offer, the student will receive our very exclusive company patch which we think looks sharp!

Top performers always have an opportunity to be mentored into our company to serve as contract Instructors.

We are also looking to build a stronger shooting team to compete against other schools.

Operation Survival also hosts a bi-annual “shootout” which is open to everyone and dissected into age groups, experience, men, women, men and women with top three winners in each category receiving a beautiful trophy for first place, a plaque for second place and a gift certificate for third. 

We believe in family unity and good sound ethical values. Therefore, we also have an annual outing for loyal customers and their families. This event is sponsored by our many supporters and is free to you as a way to show our appreciation. Whether you enjoy good ole fashion BBQ, crab and shrimp broil or a southern fish fry, come out and develop camaraderie with like-minded individuals!